Your Company Letterhead can be as simple or as complicated as you desire. So for example you want a silver letterhead with and embossed Logo on it, can we do this? Yes we can! Or perhaps you want a laid back watermark with your new Logo refletcing quality and style, well, we can can provide you with ideas and designs that will work for your business.

Whatever your printing needs are our in-house facilities can cope and our understanding of budgetary constraints means we will always leave you happy with the completed package.

Quality of materials is a big consideration so we listen to your ideas and offer some of our own and in doing so we plan to meet the expectaion that you have in the final output. After all very often the Letterhead provides the cutomer with a first and a lasting impression of your business style.

If you have a specific idea that we have not shown you please highlight this as we would be delighted to help you in your endevours.



Labels come in all shapes and sizes bespoke to match your individual vision.

Whether it is a product that needs to be more sticky than another because it is to be placed on foodstuffs rather than clothing we have a solution and the experience to advise you.

Perhaps you are looking for advice as you need your own machine but require us to design blank labels for you to print in-house - well we can help you source the right machine and create the label stock you will need.

We provide labels and tags for all uses to ensure your products are clearly marked and enhanced by the quality of our design and finish.

If you have a special shape you want then again we can ensure that this is cut exactly as you  want it.


Jigsaw Marketing Services
digital marketing

Digital marketing


Digital marketing has become an essential tool for all businesses and we recognise how crucial it is to construct the right plan for the growth and development of your company. Over the last decade we have seen "The Digital revolution" evolve and witnessed marketing strategies developing rapidly trying to keep up with advances in technology.

At Jigsaw Marketing Services we have had to help our clients "Move at the speed of change" to cope with new methods of targetting audiences relevant to their watching and listening audience. We have built strong relationships for all of our clients digitally through many platforms such as Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and many more to assist our Clients in gaining a share of that key traffic they need to thrive.

It's not been an easy transition for many companies as they try to compete for the same slice of action in their market place. Key to success is a well planned and managed and scheduled campaign which is what we take responsibility for, as well as working with and educating our clients.

Of course our clients need to know what is working and what is not so our reports become invaluable and key to growing success for their business. If it is an entirely new business we can help you from conception to completion with everything you need to get started and ongoing too. There are many digital marketing channels and a plethora of apps, digital video platforms, optimization techniques, systems analysis, animation ... the list is endless but we will listen to what you need, make recommendations and take care of everything for you, after all our team have the knowledge and skills which we have been honing since 1995.

Illustration example
Illustration of fox
Illustration of Youtuber

Design & Illustration

A strong design is essential to the success of your marketing campaigns and as they say "first impressions last!". Our design ethos has been crafted over many years of grafting and keeping our finger and eye on global trends. We take it very seriously so when we are developing your design for you, expect plenty of ideas and discussion because design matters ... a lot!

Our illustration work is used in many forms for example from positioning on your business website, to T shirts, from product packaging to Posters your illustration will be developed in line with your branding. Using colours that identify with your branding is crucial - the point is your message needs to be well thought through and clear.

A good illustration? Well, it's perfect if it is very memorable but should also be recognisable.

Who uses illustrations these days? Many businesses do from small Companies to large corporations you will see illustrations almost everywhere you walk in consumer shoes. From Cartoons to symbols you will associate many uses with illustration offline and online.

An illustration adds personality and character to your business. It can make people smile and feel emotions that are relevant to your brand strategy.

"Spot illustration" will help to promote many marketing objectives such as a specific event or your website for example or it may be that you want to use it in a directional sign to stand out from the crowd.

To have a clever illustration it must convey a strong and impactful message to perform at its best and that's what we aim to achieve for your business when asked to create one for you.

So, if you have an idea of what you would like illustrated but are not sure about it let's have a discussion, do some research and work together to establish your perfect image and then get cracking to draw it all out for you. We can show you what it looks like on a product before we go to print making it really easy for you to decide how to proceed.

Illustration is the part of our design service which we absolutley love doing - so please don't hesitate to ask us to help you.

Jigsaw Marketing Services
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What's new?

Whats new


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Electricity & Gas bill deals are the subject of investigations following non declaration of commissions that Brokers charge & Comparison Websites too. Oooops! This is going to be PPI on Steroids! Get ready & get your claim in now - We can help you - following our 3 qualifying questions (15 seconds of work) ... We CAN get your claim moving fast!


Business help is there for you now 07850936045 Our CEO has been involved in multiple buinesses over the last 35 years and has built a unique team of business experts in Scotland to cover all areas of business; together they are a powerful force to be reckoned with, who understand fully the minds of business owners and the pressures they face.

Visit www.thebusinesssavingsclub.co.uk for our great savings opportunities and get your cashflow moving positively ... no win ... no fee.

It is normal that a business owner feels lost ... alone ... unable to figure out what to do due to the adverse conditions which they have never been faced with before and recently totally out with their control.

A friend, a confident is just a call away 07850936045 and will listen to your problems and guide you and help you through the confusion and the minefield to get you to a different destination helping you to resolve all those issues and problems though proven solutions and years of expertise. How? Call and ask for Alexander 07850946045 - it is that simple!

Help meaning - financial solutions, marketing on and offline, sales development, understanding of how to wind up a company and much more.

Your life will positively change and you can rest assured Privacy and confidentiality is paramount to us.

Your situation will never be disclosed to anyone without your consent.

We are all business owners and business solutions providors not supported by anyone and therefore independent! Realists! An ear for you, a back up a connections provider. Call 07850936045 a small step for a rewarding return. Let us assist you back to health and well being both personally and in business.


We have just completed a full install of this Acrylic 3D Stand off wall, fully illuminated LED lettering sign for Scott Brown Fitness in Tarbolton. It looks great when it is not lit up too!! The Design was completed in-house and the instal by Rod Jamieson and Bruce Macaulay. The Client is delighted and posted up a special thanks on his Facebook page.

Yoga poster

We also love designing folded flyers and designed and printed these latest ones (as well as brochures!) No matter how complicated our full creative design and in-house print service will be available to assist your every need.

Our Web team has been busy on a few projects which are nearing completion and one I would like to highlight is Carbon Zero My Home which has animation in it too all designed and organised by our wee family!

brand identity

On the design and print side of our work we have many samples which we can present to you with varying size options as well as thicknesses and finishes that will assist you to find the right product to reflect your business marketing project. Whether you require spot UV varnish, specailised photography or shaped flyers we can help you.

We can provide you with a full copy assist service as well as research and marketing to ensure your campaign hits the mark.

lotus spa flyer

Samples will be provided pre production for you to sign off as this will be essential to ensure that we get it spot on prior to printing. Whatever the style you envisage we will work with you to ensure your expectations are met.

In October Grafox (Owned by Ashleigh Jamieson daughter of CEO Rod Jamieson) will launch in Turkey and we seek to develop new partners overseas where Ashleigh will be based. We wish her lots of luck and continued success.

As we move forward in these challenging times we have found ways to continue to build our business and our client's ensuring the future is looking bright!

Please do not hesitate to call us, our welcoming staff will be happy to discuss your enquiry and direct your call to the right person for your project. 07850936045

lotus spa flyer
Fortunetwork folded leaflet
Gardening flyer
Christmas card Scotlands Chauffeur

Flyers & CARDS

A flyer can be designed to fit your customers letterbox, a businessmans' pocket or a Leaflet holder so if your are looking for a creative solution we will provide the answer. We love having the opportunity to design your leaflets ready for print and will create a design that will fit the bill!

Our process will include a complete sample design prior to printing so that you can approve your final product prior to output. This ensures that every possible effort has been made to eliminate the possibilitiy of errors as you will approve the final copy proof prior to printing.

With a huge selection of paper stock and paper thickness to choose from you will be able to select a product that matches the marketing campaign you are launching. For example perhaps you would like one of the following - soft touch card, foiling, spot UV printing, craft cards, iridescent paper, plastic cards or bespoke products - you choose and we will deliver!

If you have a creative idea that we have not mentioned please ask us as we like a challenge!

We also design folded flyers and brochures! No matter how complicated our full creative design and in-house print service will be available to assist your every need.

We have many samples to show you with varying size options as well as thicknesses and finishes that will assist you to find the right product to reflect your business marketing project. Whether you require spot UV varnish, specailised photography or shaped flyers we can help you.

We can provide you with a full copy assist service as well as research and marketing to ensure your campaign hits the mark.

Samples will be provided pre production for you to sign off as this will be essential to ensure that we get it spot on prior to printing.

Whatever the fold you envisage we will work with you to ensure your expectations are met.


Cards for any and every occasion! Whether it is a one off print or hundreds or thousands of cards you need our design and print team will work with you.

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers day, Fathers day, Funerals, Parties, Invitations, Celebrations, Promotions, Postcards, Information, Notifications, event feedback cards ... you name it we do it!

Our design team can create the words and the design by digital or traditional means ensuring that you have a product you love placing in the hand of your recipients.

If you need pictures edited or taken, illustrations created or any other specialist ideas then let us help you to build a product that you just love to hand out.

We have many samples and ideas to assist you in getting the right finish and size for the event or occasion and out team will be delighted to spend time discussing your needs.

With compliments slips

Compliment Slips

A compliment slip is still a product that businesses use today. So we can offer you a huge stock of finishes and thicknesses tailored to your needs.

Your branding and design will be important due to the size constraints that a complimentary slip provides so we can help design the whole slip for you and create options for you to peruse at your leisure.

If you you require a unique shape or finish please ask us as we will be able to produce this for you.

If you need a further design created to compliment a design that you already had before you visitied us we can help you move forward.

If you have any other promotional needs please ask as we do everything from branded chocolates to pens and key rings to Mugs!

training services



Click here for EasyReclaims Process

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OR Call 07850 936 045

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The Business Savings Club Ltd

Extended Business Services

At last a Real Business Savings Club that delivers results fast -The corona virus pandemic created unparalleled challenges for thousands of UK companies – quite simply, business will probably never be the same again … or at least not for a while. And now we are all facing an energy crisis where there will be winners and losers ... the travel, sport and hospitality sectors, for example, have been decimated and meanwhile, delivery companies, grocers and Online Retailers are struggling to meet the increased demand. Losers will not only be those companies directly affected by the crisis itself, as in the case of hospitality, but will include companies that fail to effectively ‘recover’. Companies particularly need to look at all of their outgoings and make difficult decisions on the actions they need to take to survive into the future. 07850 936 045 Call Now!

Business Savings Club Ltd who we work with and are a part of focuses your business on different ways to make savings which your Accountants are not specialists in! Our objective is not only to reduce your overheads but through targetted specialist avenues actually aim to get a reduction in your taxes offset by HMRC and also money due to you in mutliple Reclaims areas into your Bank account!  We take a hands on approach to working with businesses, their Acccountants and our experts to improve the performance of your business and ease your pain. It is not a difficult process for you as our partners do all the work! We are not Accountants but have specialist partners in key areas of business who assist you to immediatley get the ball rolling! We let your Accountants do their job whilst we work seamlessly alongside them. Simples! If your Accountants assist our trusted and known partners with basic information then we will make a real difference to your bottom line and your Bank account! Call Now! 07850 936 045

Investment ... no win ... no fee!

Our services are easily understood and the key business areas we look at are:

  • Embedded / Capital Allowances
  • Energy Reclaims - Like PPI on Steroids!
  • Energy Tax Relief
  • Insurances
  • Wills and Trust funds

Perhaps you want to ask some questions and get answers quick. Well to get you going click the Q & A Link!

We look forward to chatting with you soon and helping you and your business work smarter. With many business owners giving us testimonials we will give you the confidence to work with our team - trust us to help your business! 07850 936 045

business card
business card

Business Cards

A buinsess card is one of the most important marketing products in your arsenal. We ensure that we design and manufacture a card that you will be proud of handing out. Even though the digital world offers alternative options people still use traditional business cards.

We love to design and create stylish and unique business cards and offer you many options for finishes and thicknesses such as - Spot UV varnish, Soft touch, Plastic and so much more.

Embracing technology we have cards that can light up or play a small video clip or even talk to you. But we still prefer the old style quality design and finish traditional cards!

Should you come to us with no Logo, no design, no images ... don't worry as our team will get to work producing everything for you including copy if you need it.

Please feel free to bring in samples of cards you particularly like as we will be happy to quote based on what you present to us.

In terms of order quantity we can provide you with low or high volumes to suit your needs and can turn this round for you very quickly.



Brochures are in high demand when it comes to marketing your business. We understand how important it is to offer a full service so that we deliver to your expectations. To that end we have many examples for you to look at and to help you make the right decision for your company.

No matter how complicated we thrive on producing a quality product that matches up perfectly to your business. With so many finishes to choose from; Gloss, Matt, Silk, Spot UV varnish, Laminated, you can be assured you will have every kind of solution to suit your plan of attack.

We can help you in every area when designing a brochure from the copy to the photography and from the style and branding to the material resulting in a professional high quality end product.

Whatever your thoughts are on your special brochure please bring it to our table for discussion. Our qualified team of professionals will sit with you and design a brochure that will present your story in a way that you envisaged.

We welcome samples from you to guide us and indeed we can show you examples to help you make a positive decision on the completed article.

We look forward to working with you and promise to deliver a brochure that will knock your potential and existing customers off their feet! (Soft foam for soft landings provided!)